How to choose the right DJ for your event?

We know one thing for sure. People are different. We have had different experiences that have shaped our tastes and sensibilities. This includes the careers we follow, the company we keep and the goods and services we consume.

Some choices are more highly involved than others. So booking a DJ for your wedding will take more of an effort than booking a DJ for your Dad’s 70th. You might disagree! Simply because you really want your Dad’s 70th to be a roaring success.

The point is if you want the night to be a success then do your homework. Ask friends if they know anyone….better still…have they attended any events that a certain DJ has performed at…..check the internet….ask the hotel or venue if they use anyone. Make sure that you take referrals from like minded people. Especially people who like to party like you.

There are lots of different types of Djs just like people who have their own tastes and sensibilities. They are drawn to certain songs and genres all the time. There are Dj’s who play only in clubs and bars, there are Dj’s who play only at weddings and private parties. There are Dj’s who do it all! The trick is to find a DJ that LISTENS and UNDERSTANDS you and will deliver the vision you have.

I always ask customers what they are expecting from the night. Most will say ‘i just want everyone up dancing all night’. Some will say ‘I want backround music at the start and keep the volume down while we talk, play whatever you want after that’. Others will have a list of songs or some theme that they want adhered to for example 8o’s.

Whatever your desires, make sure to communicate these to the DJ. Remember it’s your party and you decide what you want. That is if you know what you want and assuming that you know what your guests like to dance to. I find that people with specialised tastes in music usually know what they want. However sometimes they think the music they loved back in the day will get everyone on the dancefloor. It doesn’t always work like that. Most of the time the cool music doesn’t work unless everyone at that party is into it.

The middle of the roaders will ask for a bit of 60′, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and up to date chart music. They won’t specify any particular genres. Put simply, they want party music even though it’s not what they ask for. Remember you can always ask for the usual party music and then ask the DJ to source a few..say five special tunes that you know will get certain people motivated to get onto the dancefloor. All you need is a certain group of friends to get onto the floor and you’re off!

The best advice I can give you is to make sure you spend some time talking to different DJ’s. Make sure it’s your party and the music selection that most interests them. Talk of sound systems, specilaised lighting and extras comes later in the process if needed. If you want to give your special event the best chance of success then get a dj with lots of EXPERIENCE.

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