Quicksilver bullets – A story of toxic exposure from the mercury in amalgam fillings

I remember being with a reiki therapist before I was about to get my wisdom teeth out. She advised me not to’ as your wisdom teeth were your connection to consciousness ‘ or something along those lines. I was interested to view the diagram about the traditional Chinese medical viewpoint. The diagram doesn’t link the therapists theory completely but it does prove her theory about the link between our teeth and other bodily functions.


It was once believed to be safe practice, in some countries [like Ireland] it still is, but there is now a mountain of evidence indicating that amalgam tooth fillings, which contain a healthy dose of mercury, can be extremely harmful to those unfortunate enough to be carrying them around in their heads.

I became aware of this unnerving information many years ago, and realising that the two fillings in my head were amalgam, I looked into getting them out. The dentists that I called were all of the same opinion.. don’t bother. It would be very expensive and removal may cause more exposure to mercury than if I left them there. I wasn’t wholly satisfied with this response, but the cost was prohibitive at the time, and I didn’t realise exactly how dangerous these fillings could be.

Only when the subject arose on two occasions recently, with a well-informed friend…

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