Bag Packing for Crumlins children’s hospital.


Hanging out with Kevin O’ Donavan and all the other charitable people in Dunnes Stores Blanchardstown. A worthwhile cause. Thanks to Aoife and Josephine for the moral support at the checkouts.
It’s an eye opener what you observe at the shop checkout. A pattern emerged….. The fearful people didn’t want their bags packed. The happy go lucky people were fine about it.
I witnessed Kids sneaking chocolates into the trolley and I saw healthy shoppers and not so healthy shoppers. I could tell who was buying litres and litres of sugar filled drinks by their waist size. Sugar, obesity and diabetes. It all starts in the supermarket with choices.

There is going to be a lot of chocolate eaten tomorrow. It concerns me seeing kids being filled with chocolate on ‘special occasions’. I’m talking about the over indulgence not just a bar of. It’s a pity as an Irish society that we associate sugar and chocolate and confectionary with holidays and good times. These food stuffs don’t enhance holiday season, they take away from it. The children get hyper on the ‘treats’ and then come down from the sugar and get moody. Mom and Dad have to deal with the knock on effects of tears and tantrums. Never mind the fact that kids then grow up thinking confectionary makes them happy and associating it with holiday seasons.
It doesn’t at all. We are being fooled by the marketeers. It boils down to educating parents about healthy food choices. Associate fruit and well prepared wholesome food with good times and holiday season and we will all benefit.
Happy Easter.

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