Birthday Party Dublin – Fallon & Byrne / Wedding Celebration Dublin – Hilton Charlemont

It was my first time playing in Fallon and Byrne on Dublin’s exchequer street. A pain in the ass to get the equipment in to due to lack of parking. The weather didn’t help either. The room is like a blank white canvas for anyone who likes decorating and the staff are extremely conscientious. It’s the type of venue where they pride themselves on great service and top quality food. The perfect shaped room for a medium sized wedding. The sound travels well too. My client was particular about the music and gave me a playlist of over 100 songs.
Thankfully she had great taste. She loved soul, funk and Motown and the plan was to strictly adhere to her playlist which is rare. As soon as I saw the guests I was stressed over this because I knew it wouldn’t suit everyone.
Anyway the client said I could take requests and the usual stuff came in ‘dancing queen’ which got everyone up. I had to take control and veer off the playlist to keep the dance floor full with similar pop songs. I was able to go back and forth between what she wanted and what I knew would work. By 1am on the first real night of winter in Dublin- cold and wet- the crowd had disappeared but before I finished the client wanted one more. Sly and the family- Dance to the music.

Afterwards she thanked me and said I made the right decision by veering off. I asked her about her fondness for funk. The lady in question was from San Francisco and had seen Sly play live in the early days in San Fran. That’s where she got her dance moves from I thought after. She was a great dancer. I’m looking forward to my next time djing in Fallon and Byrne even if parking is an issue. The venue itself makes up for it.

On Saturday morning I got a call from Saturdays client just to brush up on a few things. We kept on missing eachother during the week and even though I had seen their list of songs which in this case was more of a guide, I still wanted to speak over the phone to get a sense of their spirit. The couples tastes were more alternative, metal and electronic. How will this work for a wedding I thought? The bride was Irish and the groom was German. Many of the guests were also German. I was the dj at a Irish/German wedding only two weeks ago so I was comfortable with this. They had asked if their friends could give me Mp3’s on the night. I can play tracks from memory sticks or phones or cds. So the first song was ‘Come away with me’ by Norah Jones.

It was heartfelt with tears in the crowd. I played from their requests for a few more- beyond the sea- crazy little called love- elvis- and then into some 50’s rockabilly. I fitted in some pop rock like the killers and one of theirs ‘where’s me jumper’ (more for the Irish), followed by the metal tracks for some head banging and hair whipping.

After that they were happy to here some commercial chart like ‘get lucky’ and ‘blurred lines’. This lead me onto 70’s disco and then 80’s pop & electronic. I dropped the German song ‘da da da’ into funkytown,

the Germans got it and were as surprised as I was. I had never played it before.I just came into my head in the moment. I only played 30 seconds….’da da da’. I had 15 mins left so I referred to the bride and she said to play ‘Der Picknicker’ ( German Hip Hop). That got the coolies on the floor, ‘the blues brothers’ got the rest up and then they had requested ‘Wolf mother’

to finish. The floor was full and everybody had a ball. They wanted more…..I was over time but the staff in the Hilton are happy out and so I knew it was cool to play one more. ‘Highway to hell’…..I left the room….I had to get the van. Job done.

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