Wedding in Tinakilly House Co. Wicklow

I was asked to Dj for a couple having their Wedding reception in Tinakilly house Co.Wicklow. There was no band. They had a Violin trio and I was asked to play some  80’s. Lovely. This venue has their own soundsystem for acts to plug into. Handy for the acts. Great for the couple aswell as they can use this to negotiate a better price with the DJ or band. There is a limiter which means that the volume is restricted. Great for the guests who want to chat but frustrating for guests who like to party. In fairness though only one person asked to turn up the volume and this was towards the end of the night. There is great sound over the dancefloor area and it’s much quieter elsewhere. The reception area in the pavillion is large so needs a fair crowd to fill it . 120 minimum.

photo (1)

The violin trio finished at 9 and there was a real chilled out atmosphere so I started off with some daft punk 

I played tonnes of 80’s which everybody loved and tried finishing off with New York by request of the couple and some enthusiastic guests.  That wasn’t enough though and they wanted one more…. Dirty Dancing….6 mins of it. The couple kissed. Everyone cheered.



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