Communions, Christenings and Slow Sets – Dj

It’s May and May brings communions and other day time gigs which are heaven sent for the mobile DJ. It’s a buyers market and one can get a great package for life events like Communions, Confirmations and Christenings. Remember it’s off Peak for the Dj regardless of what they tell ya. When it comes to the sacraments, the friendly Dj is always there with suitable music. Most clients just want someone to create a bit of atmosphere and play what the kids want. They (the kids) all want their names called out over the sound system. I give them what they want.

Below is two pics from a Christening in the 12th Lock in Castleknock last Weekend. (Permission granted)

Great quality food in the 12th lock and Lavazza coffee !


I had the pleasure of joining the students of South Council Dublin who organised a charity ball for Foucs Ireland. It was an Alcohol free event for transition year students. They hit the floor for the first song and danced for 3 hrs.  There was even a slow set.  


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