Same sex Weddings and A Gay Friendly DJ

I remember when I Dj’d at my first Gay Wedding in the Westbury hotel Dublin in April 2011. There was no band. I was doing all the music and I was naive and basically ignorant. In the lead up to the gig, my mind raced. I thought the couple¬†were going to be wearing leather trousers, taking their shirts off and getting sweaty and debaucherous on the dancefloor. What a disappointment!!!

I had lined up all my Gay Anthems (more stereotyping)….YMCA, Kylie, Lady Gaga, George Michael. As soon as I got into the venue, I received a warm welcome and a ‘how long will it take to set up?’ They were mad to get on the dancefloor and wanted all the latest tracks. It was brilliant from the off and they danced and danced. Everyone was just really happy and expressive.

Everytime I dropped a Gay Anthem, one of the grooms John would turn around and give me the campest ‘ah would ya f**k off’ with two fingers to reinforce and then continue dancing and laughing. He did every time. I can still see his face. What a legend.

I’ve matured since then and played at countless gigs for the LGBT community. Each gig is unique and I tailor the music for the couples tastes.

I was lucky enough to play for Tim and Mikey’s Wedding last June in Leixlip Manor and Gardens. I had never spoken to them before they found me on Google.

The gig was picked up by onefabdayand I got a mention as one of the suppliers.

Check out the article hereTim & Mikey’s Wedding

Best of luck with your planning.



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