Ballyfin Wedding Dj American Wedding

I knew this was going to be an amazing wedding as soon as I read the email from Mark Nordstrom, Ohio. He was organising for his daughter.

Mark wasn’t entirely sure how the process worked and so I explained in the emails what type of music I generally played at American weddings and said that his daughter and future son in law could have as much input into the music as they wished.

Mark asked for a sample playlist which I supplied and my music taste suited theirs. I also explained that I supplied all the sound and lighting equipment and would set up with the band and be ready to go when they were finished their last song.

I was to able take a secure online deposit 6 months in advance and the balance in cash on the night. However, Mark wanted to pay by card the week off which I was able to accommodate.

I had heard about Ballyfin and yes it is pure opulence. As soon as you arrive, you feel the grandeur.

There is a quick turnaround time after the dinner and speeches. The staff are extremely efficient though and help the entertainers to get set up quickly. The band was ‘the goods’. They do amazing medleys of current pop artists as well classic wedding floor fillers from various genres like soul, disco and funk. The Goods

They got the crowd going and did the various formalities like the first dance, the mother of the groom and groom dance as well as the father of the bride and bride dance. It was a pleasure to be in their company.

The requests started to flow and I fitted everyone’s in. Usher, Kanye, Billy Joel, Journey, Beyoncé.

The bride and groom danced all night in Ballyfin.

I look forward to heading back there soon.

Did I mention that they have the best dance floor in Ireland. No need for led dancefloors here. The polished natural wood means you can step it out in style.

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